Applied Metal Precision Technology
About Our Business

Welcome to, a website for Applied Metal Precision
Technology Co., Ltd., (AMPT).  

Established in 1980, AMPT specializes in heat and corrosion resistant
products by ways of Static Casting, Vertical Centrifugal Casting, and
Horizontal Centrifugal Casting.  AMPT was founded to cater to the high
demands of the steel mill industry.  The company has since expanded to
cast a wide range of custom-order products for Automobile, Chemical,
Petroleum, and Textile industries.  

AMPT's specialities include precision pipes, tubes, guide rolls, roller
rings, composite rolls, slit rolls, pinch rolls, straightening rolls, form rolls,
shear blades, and all other products that require wear, heat, acid,
oxidation, alkalis, or corrosive resistant property.  Our products are made
from a variety of high quality material such as tool steel, high speed
steel, tough tungsten carbide, high alloy steel, bearing steel, stainless
steel, heat resistant steel or super alloy.  Durable and higher
performance shear blades are made of specialty steel with cobalt-based
alloy sintered on the tip of the blades.

The popular demand of our products is attributed not only by unique
casting techniques, high quality raw material, but also the highest level
of our quality assurance program.  Aside from the current success of our
products we are continuously developing more advanced materials and
manufacturing process for our products to meet our customers’